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Anonymous asked: Hey, I remember you saying you work in hotels! (I think, or something generally in that field?) Have you heard about Dashcon? What do you think about the $17,000 "scam"?


It’s a scam.

I used to work at a conference/resort hotel, and while it was small, they did booking out three to week-long business conventions in our conference and banquet halls, and so forth. I also used to do correspondence and business with an extremely large convention center in my city when I did admin and sales work. I currently still work in the hotel and tourism industry.

Sites that host conventions require anywhere from five days to two weeks payment receipt prior to the convention starting date. An actual contract would have been drafted and signed by both parties that states the payment procedures and deadlines. Failure to produce the payment on-time means the site, by the guidelines in the signed contract, has no obligation to host the event. However, they must have gotten sufficient payment in on-time or the hotel would have shut this whole thing down a week before it could even happen.

Could a compromise have been worked out? Yes, but a hotels’ sales department and GM would likely have turned down this crew if payment could not be provided in time. Hotels and honestly any venue will use their own personal judgement and discretion on customers if the proposal is becoming too much of a hassle and, honestly, a gamble for them. According to the original post, the hotel worked out a plan to let the staff paying the total in increments over the course of the weekend, which I have never heard of being an acceptable payment plan for a venue of this size and for, supposedly, that much money.

Also, $17,000 (out of the supposed $20,000 owed) seems like a gross over-price for a hotel. Even though it is a Marriott chain, that price to me seems like about double or triple what the venue probably costed for a weekend. However, I may be wrong on that front, because it is a convention-centre specialized hotel.

The presented letter had vital information whited-out and was not created in proper hotel stationary. Everything from the way the letter is closed out with signatures and acknowledgements, it all being whited-out save two lines, the spacing, even the brand logo placement seems forged…

Also! Hotels require cheques and credit cards for deposits. Paypal is not acceptable. If all this money was being sent via Paypal to give to the hotel, then that Paypal money would need to be withdrawn and placed into a chequing or savings account. If this was done on a Friday, it wouldn’t work. As someone who uses Paypal often for commissions, Paypal can transfer the money instantly, but your bank required three to five business days to actually have that money processed into your account to appear on your statement. They would have had to move the money on a Friday, and banks are usually closed Saturdays and Sundays. They would not have had the funds in time to pay the hotel until Monday or Tuesday of the following week!

And that’s still assuming the hotel was letting them pay in increments over the weekend as the convention was happening! Which is so far outside any hotel or convention venue protocol and contracting that I have ever heard! As I said before, the hotel would have had the money a week before, or the convention would have never happened!

Considering too, that apparently underage guests were attending 18+ panels, the police could likely get involved in a jiffy, and the entire thing can be investigated.


When you realize you’re not the only black person at a party


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